Zera: Myths Awaken (v1.2) | Gaia's Castle 100% Speedrun [3:27]


Hi, I’m late to my own party as this launched a few days back, but… you guys can play this spin off title called Zera: Other Worlds right now!

It’s gonna start small, with just the Hub area and Gaia’s Castle for now, but this is meant to be a side project for me to have fun with and take a break from the main game with at times when I need it, as well as allowing me to pay tribute to some influences/favorites in the genre, and experiment with different gameplay styles/mechanics, all while essentially letting the community sort of beta test Zera!

And the best part?!??!?

It will be updated regularly!

Expect more levels and features etc. on the way in the following months!

I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun, thanks for being here with us!

(re: the speedrun, time starts at first movement in Gaia’s Castle and ends when touching the Gateway to leave)


If you want to keep more up to date on the project, check out our discord:

Or you can check on our new subreddit:

And even further details can be found on our new Wikia here:

As always though, thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more information about this in the near future!

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  1. Ag silver Radio 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    0:39 I've been having a heck of time getting that reality cog, and to this day, I don't have it. Then again, I've been playing on a 10+ year old laptop, cause that's what I got.

  2. Steini Pétur 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    I understand the idea of using the 1998 era graphic but it's 2019? Why not upgrade the polygons in the modeling and make it a bit more "today". Instead of nostalgic to what you use to play, why not up the ante a bit and do like CBCrystal wrath, try to do it a bit more sleek and detailed =)

  3. Ag silver Radio 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    Zera must have learned her moveset from Spyro the Dragon and Sonic the Hedgehog!

    At first I thoguh this was a modded version of Dreamweaver's Homeworld, with Peache's castle from Mario64 added to it.

  4. ShadwSonic 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    Oh I see, so this "Other Worlds" is a completely separate entry from Myths Awaken, and not a renaming like I thought…

    Wait, that means TWO excellent Spyro-esque games instead of just one!

  5. Paul DeRitis 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    This is so amazing! I want to try it so much! I played every Spyro game OG and this is really well done and captured the PS1 feel. If there's any game I want to see Zera Crossover id definitely want one with Spyro!
    Your doing an amazing work, keep it up and the hard work put into it

  6. Shanye 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    As someone who desperately wants to break into the business of creating game soundtracks, I am absolutely floored by this music… It's so extremely close to what I've always wanted to achieve with my own music (and always fell short of) and I'm equally as jealous as I am impressed. :000

  7. FalconFetus8 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    Just gave the demo a try. Zera feels much more clunky to control than your Spyro did; whenever you press a direction while stationary, Zera doesn't start moving immediately; instead, she starts spinning in place until she's facing the direction you're pushing, and then she starts walking. This feels really bad.

    Instead, her model should rotate while moving, so she always feels responsive.

  8. dkmorbid otaku 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    it seems like there's something missing(i mean besides enemies) spyro kinda looked better not sure what it is….

  9. Avanto Garte 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    soundtrack is really bad imho, but everything else is just great once again, much much thx for the footage

  10. Brooke Saenz 26 June, 2020 at 09:24 Reply

    I love kiwi so much but I feel like she shouldn’t be so static next to the main character the entire time. Will we possibly be seeing other playable characters with this series??

  11. scribble71891 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    @ 1:03 Not gonna lie when you were waiting there I was expecting a whirlwind to take you back up. X)

  12. omegaweaponredux 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    man gettiting the handspring jump timing for that collectable is pretty rough took me many times to nail the technique.

  13. The_Echo 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    I just found out about this project a few days ago, but I'm already in love with it. Other Worlds feels great so far, though I'm still really bad at the handspring jump.
    Can't wait to see what comes next, especially any new features/mechanics to make Zera stand out more as its own IP.

  14. Logan Freund 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    That OST is going to be an instant purchase for me. I mean the game too duh but man the music is so dang good.

  15. Nia Lapin 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    I am in love with the design of this, the level reminds me of Princess Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 mixed a little bit with Rainbow Ride. It's so dreamy and fantastical, this whole game is honestly so cute and pretty and just fits my tastes completely! I really enjoy seeing updates on this, I'm just so enamored with this project. ^^

    I also love the music!!

  16. Phantom Productions 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    Is this only going to be available for PC users, or will there be a downloadable version for Mac users in the future? I want to play this, but I have a Mac XD

  17. SNAComics 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    Can u stop speeding through these levels, sure you've seen this place dozens of time when making it but how are new comers suppose to take in your hard work if you do this? Also what r u adding to this game that will maybe evolve the semi open world genre. All I see you doing is what Playtonic Games did. It's not bad at all, just how is it really different from spyro

  18. Tally 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    How do you pull off that continuous jumping thing you do around 2:54 ? Is it just a repeated charge / jump?

    Zera flying through levels like this looks so amazing. I love how her moves all link together and are all useful! 😀

  19. Lord Midas Productions 26 June, 2020 at 09:25 Reply

    I see a lot of Mario 64 vibes in the level design, but that music has to be one of the most unique things I ever heard.
    It's a good bit different from Spyro tunes; what was the inspiration for this tune, or was it just purely out of your own imagination?

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