Totaled! – Original Xbox – FULL Playthrough – Original Audio – No Commentary


This is a game that I’ve wanted to record for a very long time and preserve in full on YouTube. Barely any videos can even be found about this game on the internet, and it’s basically been a game that’s been lost to time. Games like Destruction Derby or Flatout or even the new game Wreckfest immediately come to mind when you think of demolition derby games. This game, a low rated game from the early 2000s time has seemingly forgot, is the first game that comes to my mind. I’m glad that I’m finally able to share this beloved gem of my childhood to the entire world for everyone else to enjoy, hopefully, just as much as I have.

This video includes all of the original audio including music. There will be copyrighted material that I do not own. All rights go to the respective copyright holders of the music. I am uploading with the music, as it is an integral part of the experience of the game.


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