The Tooth Fairy Reveals a Vast Interactive Fairyland World


Since Fairy Queen Sirona decreed that Earthies can now see their Real Tooth Fairies and visit Real Fairyland, Earthies are visiting the only magical world that’s REALLY real. Just ask your parents! Start your magical journey by getting matched up to YOUR Real Tooth Fairy. You now have a BFF who’s magic. Discover this forever-fun fairytale world with the Earthie girls leading the way!!

In this video, the Earthie Girls give a preview of all the magical social gaming features, fashion dress-up, castle decorating, and lost tooth activities that millions of girls around the world enjoy in Real Fairyland – home of The Real Tooth Fairies!

Earthie girls float their ME Dolls along magical street scenes like . The imaginative landscape transports a girl right into Fairyland with her Tooth Fairy where she can friend other Earthie ME dolls, send them presents, rate their customdecorated castle rooms, and see the live feed of each girl’s latest activity in Real Fairyland. It’s endless hours of enchanting fun in this safe, enriching and endlessly entertaining community for girls.


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