The best game ever: Dragooned PS4


Name’s Acme Arsenal, real name: Dion Nelson.

I got the name from my dad who ripped up an old wii game when we made our first PSN account when we bought our ps3 however many year ago, and it has been my identity ever since. I’m sure if I ever get really popular Looney toons will gun me down, but till then I’ll remain obcure as ever, lol.

I’m mainly into fighting games, the best of them by far being the Blazblue series.
Through this game created lots of things. It made me play a game seriously and feel truely accomplished when I “got gud”, I met all the friends that are featured in every single one of my videos and our personas, and it brought me much excitement and deeper interest in video games in general. Now, I can play just about any game I feel is fun and can enjoy with the friends that I found on Blazblue.

This channel features the best moments we share together and I’m happy to share them with all our viewers. So have fun.


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