Stegosaurus Simulator Game: Dinosaur Survival 3D | Eftsei Gaming


The most exciting battle of the Stegosaurus has begun in a faraway island full with dangerous from fierce and frightening dinosaurs in many species. Only the strongest one will survive and become the ultimate dinosaur. To play this game is just to control Stegosaurus to fight or attack via joystick. This is realistic battle simulator game of dinosaur for survival has begun!!!
In this dangerous island is full of fierce and frightening dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus have sharp teeth for biting and tearing flesh, Velociraptor is clever and nimble, Spinosaurus has a high spines like sails and many more living in this island. The strongest one will survive in this land. It is necessary to hunt and kill the enemy as much as you can to become the ultimate dinosaur and also have to eliminate the giant boss in each zone.
Stegosaurus is a large herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic Period. It has two rows of bony plates along its back and spikes at the end of its flexible tail. It also has a small brain that is only the size of a walnut. It is the main character in this game .


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