Spike Lee on Honoring Black Vietnam Veterans in His Film Da 5 Bloods


Spike Lee discusses Da 5 Bloods, his Netflix film about black Vietnam veterans returning to Vietnam to locate the remains of their squad leader.

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Spike Lee on Honoring Black Vietnam Veterans in His Film Da 5 Bloods


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  1. sebastian alegria 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    I have never seen a Spike Lee's film nevertheless, I liked very much his latest movie. So if you want to spend time in a good way, have a look at Da five bloods on Netflix. On Lee's filmography, I'm wondering; what others movies of his are good to watch?

  2. Hussein Nur 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    That was an epic experience. I never saw a person get shot in the head and then spew blood out of it like its a fucking tube. I was shocked to see a real person get killed on camera. I never saw death before. This is too shocking. I loved the movie though.
    Just wanna warn the people that dont wanna see that kill, its in the beginning of minute two or in the few clips of the Vietnam war being shown in the first few minutes. Just look away when they are showing what happened to the Vietnamese people.

  3. T's Toys 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Sounds like a powerful movie. Spike will u also be helping to restore our national monuments that have been vandalized?

  4. allen kuester 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Jimmy failing the Canadian spy paid by the Canadian government and comedian idiot gang member,,, illegal immigrants

  5. Hamed Izadi Shirvan 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Honoring Vietnam (veterans or whatever) should be banned. Apparently #AsianLivesDontMatter

  6. Shawn&Inna Barrett 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply


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  7. Frank Castle 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    I'm Native American… I look like a white man.. I wish I was a Black Man… ( always have ).. Since seeing George Floyd die God rest his soul… Lately I've been feeling like maybe some Black men could kneel on my neck…………………..

  8. Thi Nghiem 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    I am so happy for Spike Lee filming his upcoming film about the African veterans in the Vietnam war and having two famed Vietnamese actors in his film. Johnny tri Nguyen, Who plays the guide, was an American Vietnamese actor/stunt man before he decided to move back to his homeland and it's so awesome to see him in a American movie after all these years with the fame director like Spike Lee

  9. Leigh Hodson 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Can’t believe anyone goes on fallon he’s so fake especially his laugh “ he seems like a real jerk “ @norm Macdonald “

  10. JP Truth 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Spike lee used woman to speak propoganda against black soldiers to convince them to go home in his other war film Miracle at St Anna as well.

  11. C M 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    People are tired of hypocrite NBC's bullshit, first they loved Trump when he made them money on the apprentice, then they protected sexual predator's like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, now they are kissing the stupid Democrats ass! So sad and blind people are supporting them!

  12. DOROTHY'S ARMCHAIR PSYCHOLOGY !!! 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Thanks Jimmy…you and the other night time hosts are doing a great job keeping us informed and laughing. We all make mistakes. Love you. God Bless.

  13. Shawn&Inna Barrett 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply


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  17. Anon 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    Let's talk about the connection between Racism and Drug and Alcohol Prohibition.
    Let's talk about the connection between the Vietnam "war" & the criminalising of the people who protested against it…with what's happening today.

  18. Jonny lee Miller [jonny lee] 27 June, 2020 at 05:18 Reply

    we need songs of hope,now more than ever,WHATS GOING ON IN OUR MINDS,SHARE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZP00lsxL94

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