reBOOTed – Atari Jaguar Game Compilation – Coming in 2019!


reBOOTed is a new compilation of seven Atari Jaguar games released by Reboot over the last decade, all of which have been given an update with new graphics, music and other additions such as Pro Controller support and cartridge saves.

Some of these titles never had a physical release while others were only available on Jaguar CD or in extremely limited runs due to production costs.

Featuring 16+ megabytes spanning 10 years of Reboot homebrew titles on a single 6 Megabyte cartridge containing:

– Beebris: Special Edition
– Downfall: OG PLUS
– HMS Raptor – Oxygenated
– Kobayashi Maru – Redux
– Rocketeer: Rebooted
– Expressway: Re-Expressed
– Rocks Off! (Again)

The reBOOTed cartridge also contains:

– Reboot’s “JAGTOPIA” system for booting un-encrypted CD titles and
– BJL homebrew loader from 42Bastian Schick allowing code upload with a cable

Available in 2019 exclusively from


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  1. Ralph Hoskins 3 July, 2020 at 10:27 Reply

    I’m on this day one!!! This is gonna be something else… the peeps at reboot know their shit… can’t wait,,, hey Atari age,,,, how about a release date?? And I know ya have to be getting sick of me asking,,, but when,,,, when…. will rebootaroids be back in stock???

  2. The Red Room 3 July, 2020 at 10:27 Reply

    When is this coming out- I cannot keep up with all these releases. It’s an incredible time to be a Jag enthusiast.

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