PS2 Kamen Rider 555 Faiz Game intro


PS2 Kamen Rider 555 Faiz Game intro.

Game guide to get all the characters:-

Play Slotmachine Mode until you can get no more cards.
Complete all characters in Challenge Mode.
Complete Faiz challenge 6 times.
Complete Kaixa challenge 2 times.
Complete Delta challenge 2 times.

When you’ve done all this you will have gotten all characters and 36 cards.

How to unlock Faiz Accel and Blaster form.
At the title screen, before you press ”start” button. If entered correctly, Takumi will shout ”Yatta Ze!”

*Unlock Faiz Accel Form*
Square, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, Square, X

*Unlock Faiz Blaster Form*
X, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, X


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  1. Dargo80 29 June, 2020 at 08:17 Reply

    @TragedyFate I bought this game at some game store here at KL but I don't know if they still have it since it was a year ago since I bought it.

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