Let's Play Bastet


In this video I explore the relatively unknown “bastet algorithm” via a small game I found online called “Abandoned Bricks”. Bastet stands for ‘bastard tetris’ and derives its name from the fact that instead of giving you random blocks, the game analyzes the field and calculates the brick you would need the least. You have high chances of getting useless bricks, low chances of getting semi-useful bricks, and a zero percent chance of getting the three most useful bricks as per the game’s analysis.

I’m not going to explore the entire game on the basis that… well, come on. Let’s Play Tetris? I did, however, think that the algorithm is interesting enough to warrant a single video at least.

With that said, enjoy my first video in over two years!


Video Logo by keeper_of_the_triforce

Intro Theme – “Pinball Dream” composed by Kevin MacLeod
Outro Theme – “Kabanaya Bokov” composed by Kevin MacLeod

Both of these people do amazing work. Please support their efforts and give them a visit!

To download Abandoned Bricks, visit this website:

I can testify that it works on Windows 7 64-bit.

Nguồn: https://driversforhpprinter.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://driversforhpprinter.com/game/


  1. lotrecht 23 June, 2020 at 00:56 Reply

    i was looking for the flash version but the server seems down or whatever. I guess too many wanna play it since it's been on 9gag. So I downloaded this stuff. But it's kinda lame that you can only rotate in one direction.

  2. Omble 23 June, 2020 at 00:56 Reply

    That Bastet guy kicking you in your intro really should be made entirely of those orange reverse "Z" blocks. Or the blue squares… just saying.

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