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mistakeN Quarantine Devotion | ⚠Headphones ON 🎧 | Bedtime Stories? Yes!! Those Sounds!!

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How are you? Hope you are fine thank you. Have you ever been sure you are 100% doing something right but…!!! It is all thought to be wrong, absolutely wrong! Watch this informative piece of art Start – End and find out for yourself what we’re talking about. Pure love making prank
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😊 Benefits of laughter include:
☛Reduced anger, anxiety, depression, and stress.
☛Reduced tension (psychological and cardiovascular).
☛Increased pain threshold.
☛Reduced risk of a heart attack.
☛Improved lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.
☛Increased energy expenditure. The researchers estimated a day of “genuine laughter” could burn 2,000 calories.
☛Reduced blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
☛Higher pregnancy rates after in vitro fertilization when a clown joked with would-be mothers.

Laughing diminishes pain, expands work execution, interfaces individuals inwardly, and improves the progression of oxygen to the heart and cerebrum. Laughing, it’s stated, is the best prescription. …
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    Let's keep on staying safe. Expect more on #NaaniiComedy but for now let's all flatten the Covid-19 Curve by watching this dramatized clip titled, "THIS DISEASE IS NOT A JOKE!" https://youtu.be/nx8fudYMVyA

  2. Naanii Comedy 4 July, 2020 at 01:13 Reply

    🎧 Whoelse felt like omg! I need earphones on. You could also be mistakeN. Share, share, share

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