Frozen 2 Surprise Slides Game!


Gallivanting with the Gallaghers play Surprise Slides – Frozen 2 version! Lots of laughs in this one! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share! Thanks for watching!

Gallivanting with the Gallaghers is filled with funny family friendly videos and entertainment for all ages!

Meet daddy Eric, mommy Mandy, their daughter Hannah, and their doggy Sasha!

Together we take on challenges, play games, open blind bag toys, make healthy and delicious recipes, try experiments, and even do funny pranks to each other. We even have fails from time to time!

We love watching awesome family channels such as FGTeeV, Trinity and Beyond, a Shot of the Yeagers, and Tic Tac Toy so much that it inspired us to start our own channel!

The world is a playground so… go galavanting with us!

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