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FARA gameplay! We go questing in a roguelike, text-based fantasy world that’s rich in Dwarf Fortress-style detail, in this free FARA alpha.
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We take a first look at FARA gameplay, which can be played as a free alpha download or in your browser as the game is developed.

We set out on a randomly generated adventure, starting at a campfire and needing to locate a nearby town where we can get bounty hunting quests and swipe supplies.

FARA gameplay is text-based with basic graphic representation, using either mouse or keyboard input. Travelling takes place both at the world level as you move through tiles of swamp, mountain and woods, and the local level where you can enter every tile and explore the area for supplies.

You can also have random and less random fight encounters with unique creatures, quest to find lost children to carry home, and locate dungeons as you attempt to find 10 Key Fragments to win the game.

Free FARA alpha download on Itch:


Official FARA gameplay info:

“Wrestle honey badgers! Start forest fires! Ride grizzly bears as a beekeeper! FARA is a text-based roguelike that runs in your browser and has over 60 classes, a never-ending supply of dungeons, and countless secrets.

The goal of the game is to collect enough Key Fragments to complete the Astral Key. Fragments can be found in many places – the depths of dangerous dungeons, the bottoms of lakes, or even in the pockets of unwitting strangers.

Most notable actions in the game add to a score, and when you die, your score is added to a persistent total that unlocks new options the next time you play.”

Developed by: Brian Is Creative
Version played: alpha (2019-05-13 patch)
Formats available: PC Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, browser

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“Garden Music”, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Minwon Jang 3 July, 2020 at 18:00 Reply

    Can you take a look at Elona? A bit wierd for the channel, but it's one of the best Roguelikes never made.

    Development stopped in 2010, but the game was so good, that the fans continued development by themselves!

  2. Spire Corner 3 July, 2020 at 18:00 Reply

    danko! I've been hooked into this for a few days, so you covering it is the best coincidence of the week!

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