DashBored – Sassy Emo RPG | LETS PLAY


DotGhost gets DashBored while contemplating the darkness inside as creatures, monsters, and other beings try to escape a hellish world – not without a lot of sassy banter to go along with it!

I condensed 6 hours into a 30 min video awesomeness! You get a bit of everything from the game – talking to people, battling monsters, and cursing out your teammates!

Dashbored is a hilarious, dark, and great RPG. You play as Nic, a straight spoken, witty, unemotional guy who suddenly got himself into some serious mess with people from the Garden rules by an all powerful overseer.
Credit & Permission: Karbonic


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Twitch: DotGhosty
Email: dotghost@gmail.com

Inukshuk – A World Away [NCS Release] :

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  1. yumyum366 19 June, 2020 at 01:29 Reply

    First page I came to off google for the steam version. WEWEEW is the order you need to read the signs or something. It's not JCLAKA in order for the steam version.
    (Steam version free until Nov. 4th)

  2. SketchyNonsense 19 June, 2020 at 01:29 Reply

    I've been stuck in this god forsaken subway trying to get the password for forever now and I've exhausted practically every combination of JCLAKA i can think of and none of it works. is my game bugged, or am i just not getting something?

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