ATB – Could You Believe (Official Music Video) [High Quality]


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German DJ and producer André Tanneberger, a.k.a. ATB, is not new to the when high quality dance music game. His first floor filler ‘9pm (Till I Come)’ was released back in 1998, followed by countless other feel-good hits like ‘The Summer’, ‘You’re Not Alone’ and ‘Humanity’. ATB always kept the dance spark going, and now returns with a new track: ‘Could You Believe’.

If you don’t believe us, have a listen to his new and outstanding housy floorfiller ‘Could You Believe’. On the vocals, the familiar voice of Jennifer Karr carries you upon the warm waves of sound. She already lent her voice for another ATB release, called ‘Justify’. Next to the synth-driven Original Mix of ‘Could You Believe’, there’re some tempting remixes awaiting you. The A&T NY Nights Mix does the trick for house lovers, while the Taylor & Gallaghan Remix takes you in with a spine-tingling piece of piano. This track also appears on ATB’s recently released compilation ‘ATB Sunset Beach DJ Sessions’.

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